Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Matter

Be the best secret Santa around with these awesome gifts!

Everyone loves secret Santa, but it can create a bit more stress in what is already a stressful season. After all, you want to give gifts that matter, not just silly joke gifts that will wind up in a box or, better yet, the garbage. But there's usually a price limit, and you don't want to go broke over this Santa Claus thing anyway.

Fortunately, there are many great gifts out there in a variety of price ranges.

The best secret Santa gift ideas for any budget

Under $5
-Gift cards from local coffee shops
-Small tea or coffee gift packs
-Chocolates or candies (go with one or two delicious gourmet chocolates, not a box of cheap stuff recycled from last year)
-Picture frames with meaningful photos
-Design your own rubber duckie
-Car Finding Keychain
-Novelty Floating Ball Game

Between $5 and $10
-More expensive gift cards!
-A great book
-Unusual desk supplies, such as novelty sticky notes or staple free staplers
-Bath set or soaps
-Personalized keychain
-TV Rock
-Ruby slipper socks
-Terra cotta fair trade foot scrubber

Between $10 and $20
-Restaurant and movie gift cards
-Attractive notebooks or stationery sets
-Set of gourmet chocolates, candies, or other edibles
-Personalized money clip
-Nostalgic candy bag
-Year in Music CD for the recipient's birth year
-Waterproof notepad

General Secret Santa tips

Once you've got your gifts, there are a few other ways you can make your secret Santa adventures memorable for the recipient.

First of all, keep it a secret! If you tell five people, they'll tell five people, and so on. You're much better off letting everyone enjoy the surprise.

Second, don't be the lame secret Santa who forgets everything until the final day. Depending on the length of your secret Santa activities, aim for one gift every few days (or every day if it's a week long adventure). Your gifts don't have to be large. A simple card or candy bar will work wonders.

Third, do a bit of homework. Learn what your partner likes and doesn't like. Spy on their desk or talk to their friends. Spend a little bit of time finding out what they really enjoy and you won't waste money buying coffee for someone who never touches caffeine.

And last of all, don't expect your secret Santa to be quite as amazing and enlightened as you. Just enjoy the experience and be the best gift giver you can be, regardless of what you get in return.

With these gifts and tips, your coworkers and friends will think Santa Claus came early this year! Make this year's secret Santa exchange an event to remember.



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