Santa Activities for your Kids

Fun Christmas activities about Santa Claus

Kids love Santa Claus. Some people argue that you shouldn't teach your kids about Santa -- they say it's a lie and teaches kids not to trust you. I say, that's nonsense. Christmas Santa and kids go together like cookies and milk -- and not by coincidence. Like many people, I have very fond memories of waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, and I love sharing that excitement with my kids.

Having said that, maybe you're wondering how you can get your kids into this whole Christmas Santa thing -- how you can get them excited about the holiday. Here are some fun ideas to give you some Christmas activities to do as a family, all of them revolving around Santa Claus.

Fun Santa activities

Here are some great Christmas activities to get your kids into that holiday spirit.

1. Make a Christmas card for Santa Claus.

We've all written letters to Santa (and with the post office usually sending a response, it's well worth the effort). But why stop with a letter? Get out the craft supplies and have the kids decorate a card for Santa, complete with their wish list. This is a great activity because it takes some of the focus off 'what I want' and puts it on making something for someone else!

2. Bake Santa some cookies

We all put out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, and many parents make sure they eat and drink a bit so they kids can get excited that Santa visited. Why not take it a step further and bake some cookies as a family, letting the kids each create and decorate a special cookie to leave for Santa. You can do this as early as you want during the year -- cookies freeze well!

3. Use the Santa tracker

NORAD gets in on the fun on Christmas Eve with their Santa tracker, which 'tracks' Santa's movements as he delivers gifts across the world. You can help the kids keep track of Santa's journey -- and make sure they get to bed on time so they'll be asleep when Santa finally arrives. With all the time zones, the Santa tracker starts early, so you can spend all day watching.

4. Leave hints of Santa's presence

Footprints in the backyard... an open fireplace grate... a forgotten glove or Santa cap beside the tree... all of these are simple, fun ways you can encourage the kids to believe that Santa Claus really paid them a visit.

5. Maintain the illusion

Let the kids help you wrap the presents for the family, but save a very special wrapping paper that looks nothing like the paper you've used on the other gifts. That way you can point out Santa's special gift wrap.

Remember, kids love Christmas, and with these activities you can encourage their happy belief in Santa Claus as long as possible.



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