Santa Activities for your Kids

Kids love Santa Claus. Some people argue that you shouldn't teach your kids about Santa -- they say it's a lie and teaches kids not to trust you. I say, that's nonsense. Christmas Santa and kids go together like cookies and milk -- and not by coincidence. Like many people, I have very fond memories of waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, and I love sharing that excitement with my kids.

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Keeping The Magic Of The Christmas Spirit Alive For Your Child

A Few Of The Best Ways To Promote Christmas Spirit In Your Child.

Christmas, its a time for gathering together with family and a time for exchanging gifts. However for the little people in our lives there is usually only one thing on their minds - Santa. This icon of toy giving has captured the imagination of children around the world. If you're wondering how to keep the magic of Santa and the Christmas Spirit here are a couple of things that you can do.

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Santa Makes House Calls

Arrange a Visit from Santa This Christmas

Do you remember when, as a child, getting something for Christmas was a simple as asking Santa Clause to bring it to you? Did you look forward to heading to the mall, just because you knew Santa would be there and you’d get the chance to have your photo taken with him? Did you try your very hardest to stay up ALL night long, hoping to catch a glimpse of the jolly old man in his sleigh? Although you may have outgrown those traditions, young children everywhere are still in love with dear old Saint Nick. If you want to make this Christmas one to remember, surprise someone by arranging a visit from Santa this year.

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