Make Your Christmas Decorations Special with a Tree Cut from a Christmas Tree Farm

Create memories and special Christmas decorations with a fresh cut tree

The centerpiece of all Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree. Usually placed in a prominent place in the home where the family can easily view it, the tree is like the crown jewel of Christmas decorations.

If you feel like Christmas has become a commercialized blur of activity and you want to slow things down a bit and create memories that will last a lifetime, consider spicing up your Christmas décor with a fresh cut tree from a Christmas tree farm.

Christmas Tree Farms

You can make your tree even more special and create memories for your family if you begin the tradition of cutting your own tree. Imagine the excitement of your children as you bundle them up in coats, mittens, and toboggans, telling them they not only get to choose their special tree, but they get to cut it down.

Except for the southwestern part of the United States, most locations have Christmas tree farms. You may have to search a little and travel farther than usual to get your tree, but it is well worth it. Chances are, you have a Christmas tree farm close to you and just didn't know anything about it.

Even if you have to travel a ways to get to a tree farm, you can make that part of the tradition. Before you leave, prepare favorite snacks to eat along the way. Make up a homemade batch of hot chocolate and serve it, toasty warm, from thermoses after cutting the tree.

To find a Christmas tree farm near you, search the internet and your local Yellow Pages. Check the hours and schedule a date into the family calendar. Talk to your children before you go to let them know what to expect and to add to the anticipation.

Let them know when you get to the farm; they will get to tromp through the farm searching for the most absolute perfect tree. Some farms let the family actually chop the tree down themselves, some chop it down for you, and some give you the option of either/or. Any way it happens, it is great fun.

Trust me... this is a thrill to children and adds a new twist to your Christmas traditions and decorating. Your children will remember this as they grow and they will remember their special Christmas decoration of a fresh cut tree. Cutting your own from a farm makes your Christmas decorations special.



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