Make the Most of Photo Christmas Cards

Tired of traditional photo Christmas cards? Try something new!

We've all seen our share of photo Christmas cards over the years, and chances are they don't evoke quite the response they once did. I mean, photo cards are nice and all. It's just that everyone seems to do them these days.

Well, never fear: some friends and I gathered up our Christmas card photos and we put our brains together to come up with some unique and interesting way to make cards nobody will overlook.

1. Do it yourself.

With so many great image editing softwares out there these days, it's no problem at all for even the most photographically challenged individual to churn out custom photo Christmas cards with a professional look. Any image editing software (like Adobe PhotoShop or iPhoto) can help you make gorgeous Christmas photo cards.

You can also find programs to help you make free Christmas photo cards online, or some that allow you to make the cards for free and then order them for a nominal price.

2. Use the pros.

Making your photo Christmas cards is great, but sometimes the pros simply have some great ideas. If you can afford it and don't mind the idea, visiting a professional photographer can lead to some interesting and beautiful Christmas card photos. Either let the photographer help you set up the cards, or pick up some photo insert Christmas cards and let your unique, gorgeous photo be the thing that sets you apart.

3. Add personal touches.

What really sets custom photo Christmas cards apart? Those finishing touches that remind you who the card came from. Including objects in your Christmas photos (such as a child's favorite teddy bear or hubby's best golf clubs) can add interest and a unique dimension. And of course, take the time to write a brief personal message in each card -- something a little more profound than "Merry Christmas," please.

Remember, photo Christmas cards are a lot of fun, so keep coming up with creative ways to make them unique and exciting.



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