The Hottest Christmas Decorations for 2009 are Green

Festive, fun, and money-saving eco-friendly Christmas decorations

Have you heard the news? The year of green, save the earth, and paying attention to the environment sum up 2009 pretty nicely. Recycle and reuse are important catch phrases this year. So of course our sizzling hot favorite Christmas decorations involve... reusing and recycling!

Festive Decorating with an Eco-Friendly Flair

First of all I know you have some of those handy dandy little containers that hold your pretty spring flowers. At this point, those containers collect more dust than pollen. So drag out those summer planters and get rid of the dead flowers. Now add a little green and red. Be sure to use artificial plants if you dwell in a chilly climate.

Plant a small green pine, wrap a little holiday ribbon around it and top it off with a little star. There you go.... a simple mini Christmas tree adorns your entryway. Or do you prefer the leafy redness of a poinsettia? Plant a couple of those and line your walkway. Get really crafty and wrap the plain white planter up with leftover holiday gift-wrap that you know is hanging out in the basement.

One of my favorite outdoor Christmas decorations involves the neighborhood. Why not start luminaries on your block? Send a letter to your neighbors inviting them to make these little homemade luminaries.

Save and rinse out a gallon milk container. Cut the top 1/3 off and fill with 2 cups of sand. Place a tea light on the sand and light it up. If each neighbor makes two of these on your block, one for each side of the driveway, your street will be glowing with holiday warmth in no time.

With the outside feeling oh so jolly, onto Christmas decorating tips for the indoors starting with the scent of the Season. What better smell is there than the spicy scent of cinnamon? Tie a few cinnamon sticks together with some red ribbon. Hang them in various parts of the house.

From the kitchen cabinets would be handy place, and then you can shave some into that pot of hot apple cider simmering on the stove. Don't forget door frames so your visitors get a waft as they wander through your festive home.

Want to jazz up a playroom or child's room with a special Christmas decorating idea? Well those old jazz CD's, long forgotten since you updated your iPod, have a chance to shine again. Using a sharp blade and a holiday cookie cutter, turn those old CDs into light catching holiday decor.

String up a bunch of them across the window so they can catch the light and throw rainbows on the walls. Your kids will spin or shake them and chase the rainbows around the room to their dizzying delight.

However you choose to decorate, don't feel the need to empty your wallet with new and trendy Christmas decorations. With a little Christmas spirit and imagination finding reusable and recycled items around the house is a snap and you'll be thrilled with the effort.



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