Get the Best Deals on Christmas Travel with these 5 Easy Tips

Don’t blow your budget on Christmas travel expenses. Follow these tips and save

Making plans for Christmas travel this holiday season? If you've traveled before during the holidays, you know to expect high prices. But that's no reason to let travel cut into your Christmas budget. If you know a few tips, you can cut costs and travel cheap.

5 Tips to Find the Best Christmas Travel Deals

Tip #1 - Shop Airfare Aggregators

What's an airfare aggregator? They are online sites that compare prices of multiple airlines and search out the best price for you. These sites are, Yahoo Travel, and Farecast.

Tip #2 - Shop Discount Search Engines

Discount search engines are the ones you probably already know:,,,, and These sites are especially good if you need a package deal on both hotel room and airfare.

Tip #3 - Check Airline Sites

Southwest Airlines has some of the cheapest rates available and you cannot buy tickets for them anywhere except on their site. So before you book that great deal on any of the other online sites, stop by Southwest Airlines and see if they can give you a better price.

Next, check the major airline websites - JetBlue, Delta, and USAirways. Sometimes they will have onsite airfare deals they don't share with the discount search engines or airfare aggregators. If you find a good airfare price on Orbitz, Expedia or the other search engines, before you book your flight, see if the airline itself can beat the price.

Tip #4 - Check Orbits Flight Matrix

If you're one of the lucky ones and your holiday travel plans are flexible, check the flight matrix on Orbitz. With this handy chart, you can see what days are the cheapest to fly on and try different date combinations to get the best price.

Tip #5 - Shop on Saturday and Wednesday Mornings

These are the days airlines release their new airfare prices so you might be able to get a good price before anyone else does. Also, avoid shopping for airfares at the first of the month. This is payday for many people so more people are shopping so start looking after the 7th of each month.

Christmas travel can take a big chunk of your budget at the least convenient time of the year. After all, wouldn't you rather have more money for Christmas gifts than spend it for airfare? By following these tips, you're well on your way to finding the best Christmas travel deals possible. Shop often and shop early to get the best deals.



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