Fun and Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Try these Christmas craft ideas for gifts, fun, and general holiday cheer

There's no season like the holidays for crafting, so why do we seem to run out of Christmas craft ideas so easily? Because we're not looking on the internet, obviously -- there are literally thousands of great crafts online. So without further ado, here are some of the very best Christmas craft ideas for all skill levels, budgets, and occasions.

1. Easy Christmas craft ideas

These easy Christmas craft ideas are perfect for young children and people without much time on their hands. Try out:

-Beautiful, simple, and inexpensive glass candle holders

-Perfect dollhouses to give as children's gifts or keep them busy throughout the holidays

-Paper bag gingerbread houses make fun and diverting easy Christmas craft ideas for children of all ages

2. Christmas craft ideas for gifts

If you need Christmas craft ideas for gifts, these simple and inexpensive projects will be sure to bring a smile to your face!

-Book lovers Christmas gifts will be fantastic gifts for any bookworms on your list

-Coat hanger Christmas wreaths make surprisingly attractive and unique gift ideas

-Gingerbread houses always make interesting gifts (especially since most people don't want to go to the effort of making them themselves!)

3. Cheap Christmas craft ideas

There's no point in Christmas crafts that cost more to make than they would to buy. These cheap Christmas craft ideas use everyday items you probably have lying around your own house.

-Paper and string crafts are easy Christmas craft ideas that don't cost a lot (or anything!) to make

-Owl gift bags can be stuffed with cookies or other treats and make excellent gifts for kids to give one another

-Santa mitts require only basic craft supplies and a white gardening glove from your local discount store

And so there you have it: enough Christmas craft ideas to keep everyone busy through those cold winter months.



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