Create a Christmas Memory with a Christmas Stocking

Give your child a Christmas stocking he'll always remember

'The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...' Christmas stockings are special to us. From the classic Christmas poem that brings back childhood memories to memories we're busy creating with our own children, Christmas stockings have a special place at Christmas.

Although there is no written record of when the first Christmas stockings were used, children have been hanging stockings for centuries in hopes that Santa will come and fill them with good treats. Help create wonderful Christmas memories by giving your children stockings they'll always remember.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

One thing's for sure, when you hang up the Christmas stockings, the kids want to make sure which one is theirs and they want a definite way for Santa to know too. One way to make your child's stocking is special is to have it personalized.

Whether you sew and go all out and make your kid's Christmas stockings with an embroidery machine or you buy one, having it personalized makes it special. For a great selection of personalized Christmas stockings try Bronners. Regardless of your Christmas decorating style, you can find one to match it here.

Handmade Christmas Stockings

When it comes to making your own Christmas stockings, you have several options. If you're not used to sewing and crafting things yourself, you might find it less intimidating to buy a Christmas stocking kit. Here, you have three choices. You can get kits to make felt, cross-stitch, or needlepoint stockings. Most felt Christmas stocking kits are very simple to make. But if you really like working with felt and want more of a challenge, try the beautiful, Sugar Plum stocking, In the Workshop, or Santa Paws . These are all absolutely gorgeous and a definite challenge with their 3D decorations.

If you love doing cross-stitch or needlepoint, you'll love these selections. Either cross- stitch stockings and Needlepoint stockings would make great stockings to pass on to your children.

The Christmas stocking kits are great because they have everything you need when you buy them. But if you like to change things up a little bit and get creative, try making your own using Christmas stockings patterns. There's no shortage of patterns to choose from. There are knitting patterns for an old-fashioned look and patterns that only require sewing.

With sewing patterns you can stitch up some Victorian stockings, Retro Shabby stockings or even some Bear stockings - your choices are endless!.

Which type of stocking you choose isn't important. What's important is making it special to your child. Look through these stocking ideas. Ask your children which they would like to have and start using Christmas stockings to create wonderful Christmas memories.



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