Choosing Perfect Christmas Trees

Buying Christmas trees isn't rocket science, but it is more complicated than most people think. Some swear by their real Christmas tree, while others are in search of a more artificial variety. It doesn't really matter -- in this day and age, artificial Christmas trees are so well made it's hard to tell the difference -- but we recommend you follow these tips to ensure you stay happy with this important purchase.

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Christmas Trees -- 5 Tips to Keeping Them Alive

Ahhh... there's nothing like the fragrance of a live Christmas tree to fill your home with the wonderful smells of the holiday season. There's just something about the look, smell, and even the feel of a live Dougalas Fir, Spruce or Pine that fills you with the Christmas spirit.

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Christmas Traditions: Start Your Own Christmas Tree Traditions This Holiday Season

There are many wonderful and meaningful Christmas traditions. Some are well known some are not. One of the most well-known and well-loved traditions during the holiday season is that of the Christmas tree - but its history is quite confusing.

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Find the Best Christmas Travel Deals

Considering a bit of Christmas travel? Maybe you're an empty nester with the kids out of the house, or maybe you've just decided you need a break from the craziness of the holiday season. You're not alone -- and that's actually good news. With so many people hunting for travel deals at Christmas, you'll find companies tripping over each other to get your business.

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Go All Out -- Have Multiple Themed Christmas Trees

Don't you just love Christmas trees? I do. We now have an artificial Christmas tree so I can put it up as early as possible. I have it in the main room of my house and the lights go on first thing and are the last lights turned off at night. But... if this isn't enough for you, do what my friend does.

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Make Your Christmas Decorations Special with a Tree Cut from a Christmas Tree Farm

The centerpiece of all Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree. Usually placed in a prominent place in the home where the family can easily view it, the tree is like the crown jewel of Christmas decorations.

If you feel like Christmas has become a commercialized blur of activity and you want to slow things down a bit and create memories that will last a lifetime, consider spicing up your Christmas décor with a fresh cut tree from a Christmas tree farm.

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Christmas Trees: Artificial or Natural?

The Christmas Trees Debate Goes On

Each and every year families everywhere step up to the table to have the age-old debate of real Christmas trees vs. artificial ones. Lines are drawn in the sand and family traditions are started. Which side of the divide do you fall on? If you're undecided, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Christmas Tree Safety Explained

What You Should Know About Christmas Tree Safety

With December upon us, it is important to keep in mind Christmas tree safety. There are some important safety tips to keep in mind this Christmas season. Christmas tree safety should be your primary concern this December.

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The Lowdown on Ordering Artificial Christmas Trees

Tips for The Successful Ordering of Artificial Christmas Trees

If you have been admiring artificial Christmas trees and are considering buying one, you will be pleased to know that artificial Christmas trees come in an unlimited variety of styles and designs. However, the unending options can sometimes turn into an overwhelming shopping experience. If you want to know how order artificial Christmas trees, there are some things you’ll need to know.

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How Many Christmas Trees For 2006?

Are Two Christmas Trees Better Than One?

If you have a large family, sibling squabbles tend to erupt over decorating the Christmas tree. I can remember my brother and I arguing about whose ornaments would get the choicest spots on the tree. In fact, we were both guilty of moving ornaments around during the Christmas season when the other wasn’t looking. I’d move his to the back and mine to the front, he’d do the same. Eventually, my mother got sick of us fighting over whose ornaments went where and got two Christmas trees for each Christmas season. If you think that’s a crazy idea, you may want to think twice…

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Consider Decorating with an Artificial Christmas Tree

Why the Artificial Christmas Tree Has Become So Popular

You might be wondering whether or not an artificial Christmas tree is right for you. An artificial Christmas tree has many advantages over a real Christmas tree. If you’ve never decorated your home with an artificial Christmas tree, you might want to consider doing so this year.

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Fun Facts About Christmas Trees

How much do you really know about Christmas trees?

Christmas trees are a part of life when it comes to Christmastime, but how much do we really know about Christmas trees? Test your knowledge with the fun facts about Christmas trees.

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The Awe of Christmas Trees

Where did Christmas trees originate?

Hi everyone. Larry here. I was just looking at our Christmas tree and got to thinking about how beautiful and amazing Christmas trees really are. I mean, at what other time of year can we bring an actual tree in our house. What would your neighbors think if you brought a tree in your home in the middle of July? Yes, Christmas is definitely a special time and the Christmas trees make this time of year even more special.

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Time for the Christmas Tree!

How to shop for your live Christmas tree.

Hi everyone. Angie here. So you’re going to buy a live Christmas tree this year and you’re not exactly sure where to start? Worry not! I’ve been shopping for live Christmas trees since I was a little girl. If you’ve never had a live tree before, it can be an intimidating experience. That’s why I’m going to give you a few pointers on what to look for when shopping for your first live Christmas tree.

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Buying Your First Real Christmas Tree

How to buy a live Christmas tree

Hi everyone, Henry here. If you’ve always had artificial trees and you’re thinking of getting a live Christmas tree this year, good for you. There’s nothing quite like the fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree in your home. But before you go and pick out the Christmas tree you think may be perfect for you, take some of my Christmas tree shopping advice.

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Christmas Decorations on a Budget

How to have the best Christmas decorations on the block when you’re on a budget.

Hi everyone. Merry Larry here. I just can’t wait for Christmas to come around. Actually, I can’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving when I can start hanging my Christmas lights around the house and can put up all of the Christmas decorations.

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The Beauty of Artificial Christmas Trees

Hi I’m Holiday Henry and I want to talk about artificial Christmas trees. Yes, you heard me right, my name is Holiday Henry. Well, it’s not my birth name but it’s what everyone calls me around this time of year.

The holiday season is right around the corner and our family was debating whether to get an artificial Christmas tree or a natural Christmas tree. I know it’s only October, but that only gives us less than three months to Christmas. It’s never too early to start planning and artificial Christmas trees are what I have on my mind at the moment!

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