The Annual Annoyance of Mistletoe

So far, I have no beef with stuff like eggnog and turkey and Christmas presents -- in fact, I love them when they're for me -- but this whole mistletoe thing has just got to stop. Seriously. I mean, who came up with the idea of kissing someone just because you happened to end up under a bit of toxic greenery together?

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That Darned Secret Santa Thing!

Why am I expected to have a Secret Santa partner every year? If I want to give someone something, then I'll give it to 'em!

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Christmas Traditions: Start Your Own Christmas Tree Traditions This Holiday Season

There are many wonderful and meaningful Christmas traditions. Some are well known some are not. One of the most well-known and well-loved traditions during the holiday season is that of the Christmas tree - but its history is quite confusing.

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Keeping The Magic Of The Christmas Spirit Alive For Your Child

A Few Of The Best Ways To Promote Christmas Spirit In Your Child.

Christmas, its a time for gathering together with family and a time for exchanging gifts. However for the little people in our lives there is usually only one thing on their minds - Santa. This icon of toy giving has captured the imagination of children around the world. If you're wondering how to keep the magic of Santa and the Christmas Spirit here are a couple of things that you can do.

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Christmas Gift Wrapping -- Do I Really Have To?

Is Christmas Gift Wrapping Really a Necessity

Christmas gift wrapping and the holiday season are two items that often go hand in hand. But you may be asking yourself, "Do I really need to wrap all the gifts I give?" If you're wondering if there are some gifts you can skip wrapping, here are some rules of thumb to follow...

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What Are You Doing for Christmas Dinner?

Some Ideas For Making Christmas Dinner Easier

I know, Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet and I'm talking about Christmas dinner. How insane am I? Actually, not very. I'm thinking ahead of the game to make the holidays easier for you. If you're used to slaving over a hot stove during the holidays, here are some ideas that can make this year's kitchen time a lot less toilsome.

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Not All Christmas Cocoa Is Created Equal

The Best Christmas Cocoa in the World

Okay, you might say I'm obsessed (and I probably am) but I have to stand firm in my convictions that the holiday season isn't right without the perfect cup of Christmas cocoa. If you're the type who throws a cup of water in the microwave and dumps a pack of store-brand powder into it and thinks you've got hot cocoa, I would stand in your kitchen shocked and appalled. That is not cocoa. Not even close. This, my friends, is how you get a good cup of Christmas cocoa.

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Christmas Carols in Our Modern Day

Do You Know How Old the Tradition of Christmas Carols Is?

It's Christmas Eve. Have you sung Christmas carols this year? Christmas carols are still an important part of the holiday season even though they are declining in popularity somewhat. Christmas carols are definitely an interesting part of the Christmas season and they seem to create a continuum between the past and the present. Anytime you hear your favorite Christmas carols you are instantly transported back to your childhood and all the fond memories associated with your childhood Christmases. Here's some more information about our beloved traditional Christmas carols.

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The Importance of Christmas Traditions

Learn More about Christmas Traditions This Holiday Season

Having Christmas traditions that you look forward to each year is a great idea. There are many Christmas traditions that were started centuries ago but still continue to exist today in one form or another. Incorporating centuries-old Christmas traditions into your celebration of the Christmas season can help you enjoy the season. It is also good, though, to start new Christmas traditions of your own.

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Is “The 12 Days of Christmas” a religious Song?

“The 12 Days of Christmas” is Still a Very Popular Christmas Song.

The well-known Christmas song “The 12 Days of Christmas” is believed to have a deeper religious meaning than many may think. Legend has it that “The 12 Days of Christmas” was written in England as a way to help Catholics in Ireland who were restricted from practicing their faith.

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Enjoy Christmas Songs This December

Christmas Just Wouldn’t Be the Same without Christmas Songs

The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas songs. Christmas songs provide a great way to celebrate the Christmas season. There are several Christmas songs that are incredibly popular and will probably continue to be so for decades to come.

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Start a New Tradition By Giving Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments Will Become Treasured Items

If you have small children, this Christmas consider giving them holiday ornaments. Sure, your kids will probably love the newest toys and board games, so give those too -- but holiday ornaments make an excellent Christmas gift. In fact, giving holiday ornaments can be a great way to start a fun and sentimental tradition for your family.

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Unique Ideas for Wrapping This Year’s Christmas Presents

Let Your Kids Have More Fun Unwrapping Christmas Presents This Year

Remember how much fun unwrapping Christmas presents used to be when you were a kid? I do. I think unwrapping the Christmas presents was just as much fun (if not more fun) than actually playing with them. When you give your children their Christmas gifts this year, you might consider some unique ways to wrap the gifts. After all, there’s no reason not to add more fun to an already-fabulous Christmas tradition.

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Whatever Happened to Getting a Letter from Santa Each Christmas?

Make This Christmas Memorable with a Letter from Santa

One Christmas tradition that is almost extinct is the annual tradition of receiving a letter from Santa. When I was a small child, I looked forward to receiving an annual letter from Santa. Nowadays, I rarely hear any kids mention this Christmas tradition. This year why not send the child in your life a personalized letter from Santa.

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Santa Makes House Calls

Arrange a Visit from Santa This Christmas

Do you remember when, as a child, getting something for Christmas was a simple as asking Santa Clause to bring it to you? Did you look forward to heading to the mall, just because you knew Santa would be there and you’d get the chance to have your photo taken with him? Did you try your very hardest to stay up ALL night long, hoping to catch a glimpse of the jolly old man in his sleigh? Although you may have outgrown those traditions, young children everywhere are still in love with dear old Saint Nick. If you want to make this Christmas one to remember, surprise someone by arranging a visit from Santa this year.

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The Annual Tradition of Christmas Favors

The Annual Presentation of Christmas Favors Is Sure To Be a Popular Christmas Tradition

Christmas traditions are an important part of the holiday season. Carrying out Christmas traditions that have been passed down for generations can provide you with insight into the lives of ancestors you never even met. Christmas traditions can complete the holiday season for many families, and Christmas favors are one of the best Christmas traditions around.

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Stories To Get Your Family Into The Christmas Spirit

Bring Some Classics To The Christmas Season

Christmas is a great time to start a seasonal book collection – especially if you have children. Nowadays parents just don’t read to their kids enough and children just don’t appreciate the classics like they used to. I can’t tell you how many children think Scrooge and the Grinch are just characters in a movie. Movie! Bah humbug! Those two were around before the VCR was even invented. This Christmas consider purchasing some holiday-themed books and spend some quality time reading with your kids.

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Whatever Happened to the Good Old Christmas Cookie Exchange?

Simplify This Holiday Season with a Christmas Cookie Exchange

I remember the days where my family and friends would participate in a Christmas cookie exchange. In fact, they used to be quite common. Nowadays it’s hard to find anyone participating in this age-old tradition. Well this year I’m calling for the revival of the Christmas cookie exchange. Enjoying Christmas cookies with a cup of hot cocoa or mug of apple cider is the ultimate way to end a busy day of shopping. Making all those Christmas cookies can be time-consuming, though. That is where a Christmas cookie exchange comes in.

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It’s Never Too Soon For Holiday Preparations

Have You Started Your Holiday Preparations Yet?

I’m baaaack! Yes my friends, it is that time of year again -- time for the holiday preparations to begin. Doth thou protest? You say school has just begun? My point exactly! School’s begun – let the holiday preparations begin!

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Christmas Carolers Etiquette

How to treat Christmas carolers when they come to your door.

It’s that time of year when Christmas carolers may very well be knocking on your door to treat you to their entertaining musical talents. But what exactly is the etiquette when it comes to Christmas carolers knocking on your door? What should you do and what shouldn’t you do?

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Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Is Santa Clause visiting your house this year?

There’s just six more days till Christmas. Can you believe it? Santa clause is coming to my house this year. Is he coming to yours? If you’ve never had Santa Clause over to your house, here are some ideas to get you started.

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Christmas Stories Make the Season Brighter

Have you read any good Christmas stories lately?

Now that Christmas is drawing near, I’ve been telling my children the traditional Christmas stories each night before they go to bed. After all, what kind of holiday would it be without tales of Rudolph and Frosty? Have you told your children any good Christmas stories lately?

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Opening Presents on Christmas Morning

Unique ways to open presents on Christmas morning.

Some of our readers have asked us how they can lead their children to their Christmas presents without just having the presents under the tree. If the idea of putting presents under the tree is getting a bit boring for you too, try some of these unique ideas for Christmas morning.

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The Reason for the Holiday Season

Taking a minute to remember the true reason for the holiday season.

With all of us getting so frazzled by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I just wanted to take a moment to make sure that we all sit back and remember the true reason for the holiday season.

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The Awe of Christmas Trees

Where did Christmas trees originate?

Hi everyone. Larry here. I was just looking at our Christmas tree and got to thinking about how beautiful and amazing Christmas trees really are. I mean, at what other time of year can we bring an actual tree in our house. What would your neighbors think if you brought a tree in your home in the middle of July? Yes, Christmas is definitely a special time and the Christmas trees make this time of year even more special.

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The Magic of Christmas Movies

Christmas movies can be an important part of the Christmas tradition

Hi everyone. Holiday Henry here. With Christmas fast approaching and today’s release of The Polar Express on DVD, I got to thinking about what an important party Christmas movies play in our Christmas traditions.

For most of us, every year we watch films and television shows with our families. I remember watching A Christmas Story with my family when I was younger. I also remember the great television specials with Frosty and Rudolph. How I loved those adorable characters.

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Christmas Traditions Make the Season Brighter

Sharing Christmas Traditions with Friends and Family

Hi everyone. Henry here. I’m really into Christmas traditions and I’m hoping that we hear from a few of you out there that are into Christmas traditions too.

Henry’s Christmas Traditions

My family has some odd and some not-so-odd Christmas traditions that we follow each and every year. The first thing we do is bobbing for apples on Christmas Eve. I know that’s usually a Halloween tradition, but we do it at Christmastime too.

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Christmastime’s A Blast

Make Christmastime with your kids a time to remember.

Hi everyone, it’s me, Holly the Holiday Expert. I wanted to take a minute to talk about kids and Christmastime. We all have to realize that for kids, Christmas is their time of year, not ours. They go on their best behavior, they make lists, they count the days and they walk around with permanent smiles plastered to their merry little faces. Yes, Christmastime is definitely about kids. I should know, I have three of them.

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