The Tradition of Christmas Lights

I love Christmas lights. I love stringing them, looking at them, and even hunting for burned out bulbs. It's all in the spirit of the season! So how did this awesome tradition start, and why is it so popular?

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LED Christmas Lights -- Too Non-Traditional?

They're staring you in the face -- those LED Christmas lights. You're shopping for new Christmas lights. You know they're there. You ignore them, but they won't go away. You want to stay traditional, true to the Christmas decorating spirit, not wanting to ruin the mood and feel that you have worked so hard to achieve. But... there they sit. Should you or shouldn't you? That's the question.

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Christmas Lighting is a Big Part of Holiday Traditions

Can You Imagine Christmas without the Christmas Lighting?

An integral part of Christmas decorating is Christmas lighting. Certainly, the Christmas tree is a very fun part of holiday decorating. Going out to look for a Christmas tree, bringing it home, and then decorating it is an annual tradition your family probably eagerly anticipates once Halloween is over. However, Christmas lighting comes in a close second.

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Wondering What Color Christmas Lights To Buy?

Selecting The Color of Your Christmas Lights

With Christmas approaching, you should give some thought to how you plan to decorate your Christmas tree and what Christmas lights you plan to use. Christmas lights are the backdrop of any well-decorated Christmas tree, and you should decide on what color would work best in your home before decorating.

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Christmas Lights Make the Season Brighter

Decking the halls with Christmas lights

Hi everyone, it’s Faith again. While it’s true I don’t like the commercialization of Christmas, I do love Christmas lights. There’s something to be said for driving down a snow-dusted road with lights glistening on all of the houses. It makes the world seem a little bit brighter and it tends to bring people a little more in harmony with each other.

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