Those Outrageous Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations... oh, the humanity!

Back in the '90's, there was a cynical episode of "Home Improvement" in which Tim Taylor's Christmas lights were so bright, they pierced a blizzard well enough to help circling airplanes land at the nearby airport.

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The Best Of Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I don't know anyone as obsessed with outdoor Christmas decorations as I am. The day after Halloween, I start bugging my husband about taking down our scary stuff and breaking out the cute Christmas decorations. He usually manages to delay me a few weeks, but if I had my way, the Christmas decor would go up November 1 and stay up until February!

You might not be quite as ridiculous as me, but you probably love your Christmas decor, too. That said, you might be ready to move beyond the ordinary. Do your outdoor Christmas decorations consist of a string of lights and -- maybe -- a glowing Santa from the department store? Do you want to get more creative without spending thousands of dollars? Well read on -- Christmas decoration ideas are here!

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Unique and Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas

Whether you're having a country style Christmas or a New York glamor holiday, you need Christmas decorating ideas. Don't we all? I mean, who can really keep up with all of the decorations and schemes kicking around out there?

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Make Your Christmas Party a Blast with these Fun Game Ideas

Who doesn't love a Christmas party? Not too many people I know. Christmas parties are a great way to get together and add in some extra fun during the holiday season. If you're considering having a party this Christmas, don't forget the games. Here are some ideas for Christmas party games to give you ideas and make your planning easier.

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Fast and Easy Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Short on time and decorating ideas for Christmas? If so, worry no more! Here are some great ideas for your Christmas decorating that you can do in a snap. Use these ideas to quickly transform your home and give it instant holiday cheer!

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4 Tips to Christmas Season Travel

Traveling during the Christmas season isn't something you look forward to. It's the busiest time of the year for travel, you might have excited kids along for the ride, and you have extra baggage due to Christmas. If you need to travel during the holidays and are dreading it, don't. Follow these tips to make your holiday travel go as smoothly as possible.

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Jazz Up Your Christmas Decorations with Wreaths

What would the Christmas holiday be without Christmas decorations? From spiritual decorations that reflect the meaning of the season to fun and festive décor, they play a big part and you want them to be pretty and to add to the holiday spirit. Learn how making and decorating with wreaths can do this.

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The Hottest Trends for Christmas Decorations in 2009

Looking for Christmas decorations with a bit of style? Look no further! Here are the hottest Christmas decorations of 2009.

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The Hottest Christmas Decorations for 2009 are Green

Have you heard the news? The year of green, save the earth, and paying attention to the environment sum up 2009 pretty nicely. Recycle and reuse are important catch phrases this year. So of course our sizzling hot favorite Christmas decorations involve... reusing and recycling!

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Make Your Christmas Decorations Special with a Tree Cut from a Christmas Tree Farm

The centerpiece of all Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree. Usually placed in a prominent place in the home where the family can easily view it, the tree is like the crown jewel of Christmas decorations.

If you feel like Christmas has become a commercialized blur of activity and you want to slow things down a bit and create memories that will last a lifetime, consider spicing up your Christmas décor with a fresh cut tree from a Christmas tree farm.

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Christmas Decorating: Too Much, Too Little or None at All

How Much Christmas Decorating is Too Much?

We see it every year -- houses that have so many lights it is blinding, and others that don't have a single porch light on to light the way. It was this thought that got me to thinking about how do people decide what amount of decorating is enough. The answer to this question is often the result of several factors. Here are some points to ponder...

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The Hottest Christmas Decorations of 2008

Are You Ready for This Year's Christmas Decorations?

No two houses are the same when it comes to Christmas decorations. Some of us put up a few strands of lights and call it a day while others of us go all out and buy the latest and greatest in the world of Christmas décor and make our house a grand display for the world to see. No matter which side of the line you fall on, you might be interested in which Christmas decorations are hot for 2008. Here's the list...

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What is a Christmas Wreath Storage Container?

Find Out How to Store Your Christmas Wreaths

While you probably already have your Christmas wreath displayed, you might not know what to do with it once the season is over. If your Christmas wreath gets mangled every year when you store your Christmas wreath, it is time that you purchase a Christmas wreath storage container.

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The Timeless Appeal of the Angel Ornament

Do You Have an Angel Ornament on Your Tree This Year?

Do you have an angel ornament on your Christmas tree this year? The reason I ask is that because an angel ornament is perhaps one of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments ever. Many people place an angel ornament here and there strategically among the brightly colored Christmas balls and garland, and some people top their tree with a large angel ornament.

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Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas that Anyone Can Do

December is nearing, and you might be contemplating Christmas decorating ideas. Below are some easy Christmas decorating ideas to keep in mind that will make your home inviting but are super easy to do.

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Many Uses for Christmas Clip Art

Christmas Clip Art is Very Versatile

So you're not Martha Stewart. That doesn't mean you can't make awesome Christmas supplies. Believe it or not, you don’t need to be that crafty to make decorative Christmas items. Christmas clip art is a great way to have decorative designs to adorn almost any surface.

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Don’t Forget the Christmas Wreaths!

Christmas Wreaths are an Integral Part of Holiday Decorating

During the Christmas holiday, your home would not be complete without Christmas wreaths. I shouldn’t even have to mention it, but it seems that prominently displaying Christmas wreaths is a bit of a dying art. Are you one of the many who are letting the tradition of Christmas wreaths die? It's time to spark a fire under the tradition of Christmas wreaths once again!

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Holiday Ornaments: The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Numerous Ways to Incorporate Holiday Ornaments into Your Gift Giving

No Christmas season would be complete without holiday ornaments. Holiday ornaments add a festive touch to any home, but that’s not all they’re good for. Everyone who celebrates Christmas appreciates unique and beautiful holiday ornaments, and because of this, they also make great Christmas gifts.

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How Soon is Too Soon When It Comes to Christmas Decorations?

Let’s Get Out Those Christmas Decorations!

With Christmas approaching, you might want to give some thought to getting out your holiday decorations. Think it’s too soon to get your Christmas decorations out? Better think twice! Christmas is just a few short months away and if you want to decorate in style this holiday season, it’s time to start planning.

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Organization During The Christmas Season

How to Effectively Organize All Those Christmas Decorations

Organizing all those Christmas decorations can be a time-consuming task. I know Christmas is still over two months away, but once you pull out all those Christmas decorations it might be hard to put them away properly after the holidays. Why? Because, if you’re like me, they get tucked away in no particular order. Don’t believe me? See just how hard last year’s “organizational efforts” make this year’s tree trimming. If you want to enjoy next year’s holiday season and not fear the tree trimming with dreaded anticipation, then it’s time to organize those Christmas decorations once and for all.

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The Time for Christmas Stockings

Tips for shopping for your Christmas stockings.

Hi everyone, Angie here. Now that it’s time to start decorating our homes for the holidays, I’ve been shopping around for new Christmas stockings. There are so many different Christmas stockings on the market it can be hard to choose the one that’s right for you.

If you’re shopping for Christmas stockings, take some of my Christmas stocking shopping advice...

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Lost When It Comes to Holiday Decorations?

The secret to success with holiday decorations.

Hi everyone, Angie here. Want great holiday decorations but you just don’t know how to pull it off? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone wants the best holiday decorations on the block and many try to pull it off, but just can’t seem to muster up what it takes to make their holiday decorations stand out. You don’t have to be one of those people any longer! I’m going to give you three holiday decorations secrets that are sure to make your holiday decorations a hit with the entire neighborhood.

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Christmas Decorations on a Budget

How to have the best Christmas decorations on the block when you’re on a budget.

Hi everyone. Merry Larry here. I just can’t wait for Christmas to come around. Actually, I can’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving when I can start hanging my Christmas lights around the house and can put up all of the Christmas decorations.

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Who Loves Christmas Decorations?

How to make the most of your Christmas decorations.

Hi everyone, it’s Holly. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I just can’t stop thinking about Christmas decorations. Every store I visit already has their Christmas decoration displays out and I can’t wait to fill my house and yard with lights, Santa, reindeers, angels and the rest.

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Christmas Decorations and the Reason for the Season

Make sure your Christmas decorations are honorable.

Hi everyone, it’s Faith. I want to talk to you about Christmas decorations.

I personally think any Christmas decorations you use should tie in with the reason for the season -- not just snowmen, Santa Clause and reindeer.

Our next door neighbors have a huge gingerbread house that they put out on their lawn each and every year whereas our Christmas decorations include a nativity set, a giant cross and about a half a dozen angels. If we’re celebrating Christmas and using Christmas decorations to show our enthusiasm for the season, shouldn’t we do it right?

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