Avoiding Travel Hassles During the Christmas Season

The Christmas Season is the Worst Time for Travel Nightmares

Each and every Christmas season thousands of travelers run into travel headaches. It's my job to help you avoid them. How can you travel this holiday season without running into the nightmare scenarios that legends are made of? By keeping the following tips in mind...

Check In Early, Even if Online

Think you can wait till the last minute for online flight check in? You might want to think twice. Only a certain number of passengers are allowed to check in online for each flight, so if everyone checks in before you, you're going to be plum out of luck and you'll have to brave the airport crowds, and maybe even miss your flight

Instead of waiting till the last minute for online check in, do it as early in advance as possible. While we all procrastinate from time to time, travel isn't something you want to do it with during the Christmas season.

Use a Credit Card

If you're planning on using a debit card or a prepaid credit card for hotel reservations or car rentals this holiday season, think twice. Not all hotels and car rental companies accept debit cards or prepaid credit cards, and the ones that do place "holds" on your card that could result in overdraft charges.

Whenever paying a car rental company or hotel, it's best to use an actual credit card. While some of us may have an aversion to them, they can definitely help us avoid travel-related headaches during the Christmas season.

Confirm Your Reservations

With hotels and car rental companies alike, confirm your reservations if you're running late. If you don't, the car or room you've been counting on might be handed over to a customer that's on standby. The Christmas season is a hectic time when it comes to travel, and many companies are overbooked. Make sure you don't lose your place in line and communicate if you're running later than anticipated.

While it's often impossible to avoid all travel-related headaches during the Christmas season, these tips can help you avoid at least some of them.



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