4 Tips to Christmas Season Travel

Traveling this Christmas Season? Keep it simple!

Traveling during the Christmas season isn't something you look forward to. It's the busiest time of the year for travel, you might have excited kids along for the ride, and you have extra baggage due to Christmas. If you need to travel during the holidays and are dreading it, don't. Follow these tips to make your holiday travel go as smoothly as possible.

Tip #1 - The Early Bird Gets the Worm

If you can finalize your Christmas plans and get your dates early, you can get better rates when you fly during the Christmas season. Start checking rates and online sites like Expedia.com, PriceLine.com, and CheapFlights.com. Two months before Christmas isn't too early to start.

Tip #2 - Be Flexible

Being flexible when you travel for the Christmas season helps too. If you can manage a little wiggle room in your schedule, it always helps you get cheaper tickets. The cheapest tickets during Christmas are the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas and for the return trip, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.

Of course, Christmas day is the cheapest and slowest day of the year to fly. If you can talk the family into opening gifts and having dinner on Christmas Eve, then flying on Christmas Day, you've got it made.

Tip #3 - Checking it Twice

One of the biggest headaches to traveling during Christmas is packing. You usually have much more stuff to take with you and this complicates things. To keep things as simple as possible, take the time to make a checklist of everything you're going to need.

You can find a very useful checklist at The Universal Packing List. This handy list lets you enter information about the temperature of your destination as well as information about what types of activities you'll do while there. Then it compiles your customized list. It doesn't give quantities but you can add this after you know how long your trip will last.

IndependentTraveler.com also has an interactive packing list that's very easy to use. Just check the boxes of the things you need on trips and you'll get a customized list made to order.

Tip #4 - Ship Gifts Ahead

Traveling during Christmas can be especially hectic due to gifts. One of the easiest ways to handle this is to wrap and ship your gifts with a carrier like UPS. This way, your gifts are waiting for you at your destination when you arrive and you don't have to lug them through the airport or try to fit them into the car.

Traveling during the Christmas season is always going to be a little bit hectic due to the time of year. But with a little planning ahead and by following these tips, you don't have to let your the Christmas season be spoiled by travel.



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