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The Annual Annoyance of Mistletoe

So far, I have no beef with stuff like eggnog and turkey and Christmas presents -- in fact, I love them when they're for me -- but this whole mistletoe thing has just got to stop. Seriously. I mean, who came up with the idea of kissing someone just because you happened to end up under a bit of toxic greenery together?

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The Painful Office Christmas Party

If you've ever worked in a white collar job, then you know that the erstwhile office Christmas party, while something endured every year, rarely if ever achieves its theoretical objective. In fact, if the OCP (as I will henceforth call it) were a service or product, the company would soon go out of business.

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Those Outrageous Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations... oh, the humanity!

Back in the '90's, there was a cynical episode of "Home Improvement" in which Tim Taylor's Christmas lights were so bright, they pierced a blizzard well enough to help circling airplanes land at the nearby airport.

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Whose Idea Was This "Celebrating Christmas in December" Thing?

One of these days I may have to move to Australia, because they go about celebrating Christmas -- only the world's most important holiday -- in the early summer. Well, summer Down Under anyway. Most of the Yule-celebrating world has their Christmas celebrations during cold weather.

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Have Yourself a Merry Christmas -- Or Whatever

If you have the time to make a fuss about someone saying "Season's Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas," then you're just looking for reasons to be mad.

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