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The Joys of Christmas Humor

From the Grinch to "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer," Christmas humor is firmly entrenched in our culture. Ironically, there are those who take a bah, humbug attitude to the whole idea, insisting that Christmas is a serious holiday intended for celebration of the Messiah, not for something as frivolous as fun.

People like that have a point... on top of their heads. C'mon now -- celebrations are about having fun, aren't they? And I can't imagine that the Reason for the Season would mind us enjoying the lives that have been given us, can you?

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An Electronic Alternative to Christmas Cards

Tradition demands that we send out Christmas cards every year, though the rules about who should get them can be pretty confusing. If Cousin Melvin forgot to send you one last year, does he deserve one this year? Have you ever gotten one from Uncle Jack?

Or are you one of those people who doggedly sends everyone you can think of a Christmas card, no matter what? Or quite the reverse: do you send cards only to a select few individuals? So: who should be on the list this year? Decisions, decisions!

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