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The Best Christmas Songs for Any Occasion

All Christmas songs are wonderful, but the best Christmas songs match a function's purpose. The songs you play at a kids' Christmas party are naturally going to be different than those you choose for a black tie office event. No matter what sort of party or function you're holding, though, there are thousands of albums of Christmas songs out there, and there's sure to be one or two perfect for you.

Below you'll find a brief description of a few common holiday events, advice on the type of music they need, and a list of specific Christmas albums you can check out and enjoy. It's a surefire shortcut to a perfect Christmas party.

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Eight Amazing Christmas Stockings and Stuffers

Did you know that there are whole websites dedicated to filling Christmas stockings? Entire stores selling nothing but stocking stuffers... I think I may be in Heaven! But not everyone loves Christmas stockings as much as I do. My sister, for example, shudders at the very thought, because as her kids get older, she finds it harder and harder to carry on this much beloved tradition.

Fortunately she has me to help her -- and now, so do you! Here are my eight favorite stocking stuffer ideas from websites that carry many more awesome gifts.

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Choosing Perfect Christmas Trees

Buying Christmas trees isn't rocket science, but it is more complicated than most people think. Some swear by their real Christmas tree, while others are in search of a more artificial variety. It doesn't really matter -- in this day and age, artificial Christmas trees are so well made it's hard to tell the difference -- but we recommend you follow these tips to ensure you stay happy with this important purchase.

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The Best Of Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I don't know anyone as obsessed with outdoor Christmas decorations as I am. The day after Halloween, I start bugging my husband about taking down our scary stuff and breaking out the cute Christmas decorations. He usually manages to delay me a few weeks, but if I had my way, the Christmas decor would go up November 1 and stay up until February!

You might not be quite as ridiculous as me, but you probably love your Christmas decor, too. That said, you might be ready to move beyond the ordinary. Do your outdoor Christmas decorations consist of a string of lights and -- maybe -- a glowing Santa from the department store? Do you want to get more creative without spending thousands of dollars? Well read on -- Christmas decoration ideas are here!

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