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Your Guide to the Perfect Stocking Stuffers

You probably remember your favorite stocking stuffer as a kid. There was just something about finding your Christmas stocking bulging with little toys that screamed Christmas morning! As adults, though, we don't tend to get that experience.

But we should! So no matter who you're shopping for, don't forget those extra special little add-ons that make Christmas gifts something really special.

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Quick and Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Who doesn't love homemade Christmas ornaments? You either love them because your precious children made them and you created wonderful memories in the process. Or you love to make them yourself. Either way, use these great ideas for Christmas ornaments to make.

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Paradise! Christmas Shop Year Round

Are you one of THOSE people? You know, the kind that loves to Christmas shop year round. If you are, you're in luck. Years ago, you could do your Christmas shopping only during the holiday season. If you were trying to collect certain kinds of ornaments or decorate with a certain theme, you had to save your money and spend it all during a few short weeks.

And remember, way back when, they didn't put Christmas decorating items out until after Thanksgiving. Not now. All that's changed and here's how you can Christmas shop year round.

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Create Memories with Special Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are special. Don't you think so? I know I do. I love to open our stash of ornaments each year and reminisce about each and every one. It seems they all have a story. If you love Christmas tree ornaments and like them to be special, here are a few sites for you to visit to add to your collection.

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4 Tips to Christmas Season Travel

Traveling during the Christmas season isn't something you look forward to. It's the busiest time of the year for travel, you might have excited kids along for the ride, and you have extra baggage due to Christmas. If you need to travel during the holidays and are dreading it, don't. Follow these tips to make your holiday travel go as smoothly as possible.

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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Your 'Green' Friends

What Christmas gifts do you get the person who's heavy into recycling, saving the environment, and very earth conscious? If you have one or more 'green' friends, you know what I mean.

When your friends are 'green', you can't go and just buy them any old Christmas gifts. No, these people require and deserve some extra thought. Here are some creative Christmas gifts for all your eco-friendly friends.

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De-Stress and have a Funny Christmas

Anybody for a funny Christmas? Christmas is a lovely time of year. But let's face it. It gets hectic. Between running from store to store looking for the perfect gift, to making all the dinners, school functions, parties, wrapping gifts, and Christmas shows, by the time it's over, everyone tends to be in a bad mood.

That's why you need to have a funny Christmas. It lightens things up. Add some humor into the season when you need it most. Here are a few things to give you a chuckle and brighten your mood.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything

You think Christmas gift ideas for the people on your list are tough? How about trying to come up with ideas for people who just happen to have everything? Fortunately, most of us don't have these people on our list, but it's fun to check out expensive presents anyway. Here are some of the top luxury Christmas gifts around.

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Photo Christmas Cards: The Personal Touch

Once upon a time, photo Christmas cards were a novelty. Then everyone discovered their local department store photo studio, and suddenly you received hundreds of Christmas card photos every year. The trend grew old, and photo Christmas cards went the way of the dinosaur... until the world went digital.

There's nothing wrong with going to a photo studio or buying traditional photo insert Christmas cards, but if you have access to a digital camera and some photo editing software - and these days, most people do - you can create beautiful, unique, and free Christmas photo cards right from your own home.

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Put Some Fun Back Into the Season with Christmas Crafts

Why should you make Christmas crafts? There are many reasons. First, taking the time to make Christmas craft projects forces you to slow down. It makes you take time to reflect on the season, the years passed and to look into the future.

Second, making crafts for Christmas is a great way to spend time with your children. By choosing easy projects, you and your kids can have a blast and it will be something your kids will always remember.

Third, you can make some simple, but thoughtful, Christmas presents that help stretch your Christmas budget.

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Jazz Up Your Christmas Decorations with Wreaths

What would the Christmas holiday be without Christmas decorations? From spiritual decorations that reflect the meaning of the season to fun and festive décor, they play a big part and you want them to be pretty and to add to the holiday spirit. Learn how making and decorating with wreaths can do this.

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Start a New Tradition with Homemade Christmas Cards

Christmas cards... you either love them or hate them. For some, Christmas cards are a wonderful tradition and a way to stay in touch with friends and express the spirit of Christmas. For others, they're a pain and an annoyance.

Regardless of how you feel, making your own Christmas cards adds a new dimension to the season. If you're in the second group, here's an idea that may just change your mind about cards for Christmas. If you're in the first group, making your own cards for the first time just might get you hooked on this idea for years to come.

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