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Have Yourself a Merry, Merry Christmas

Here's To Seeing You Next Christmas!

Jingle bells are ringing, Santa's packing up the sleigh and the Christmas trees are being buried under by piles of presents as we speak. Tomorrow is Christmas! Before we say goodbye for the year, here are a few last-minute Christmas thoughts we'd like to leave you with.

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Don't Give Up That Gingerbread House Just Yet!

Some Things To Know Before Giving Up On a Gingerbread House Project

Each and every year my kids beg me to create a gingerbread house with them. Something about a house made of delicious yummies appeals to them. Something about a mess of frosting and candy and trying to get pieces of gingerbread to stand up on end just doesn't thrill most adults anymore. There is, however, a way to make the kids happy without driving the grown ups nuts. Here are some easy ways to make a gingerbread house this holiday season.

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For Those "Oh I Forgot" Christmas Gift Moments

Never Be Caught Without a Christmas Gift Again

It never failed -- each and every year I was caught forgetting at least one person's Christmas gift. Whether it be the housekeeper, the newspaper delivery guy or the teacher's assistant who took a liking to my daughter, I was always caught without at least one gift each holiday season. I can honestly say, over the past few years, it's never happened again. Why? Because I got wise. If you want to make sure you always have a gift on hand (even if you didn't plan on giving it) here are some Christmas gift tips you can't live without.

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What Hanukkah and Christmas Have in Common

A Few Things The Ignorant Need To Learn About Christmas

It's time to have a little talk about what Hanukkah and Christmas have in common. At first, I didn't want to use this site to rant about what happened this week, but this is "Christmas Rants" after all so what better place to do it? So here we go -- a lesson on why real Christians aren't anti-semitic.

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The Top 10 List of Howl With Laughter Stocking Stuffers for 2007

Christmas Rant's Top 10 List of Howl With Laughter Stocking Stuffers is Back

It's Noel Jameson here and for the third year running, I'm bringing you the top 10 howl with laughter stocking stuffers of the year. If our 2005 list lit up your smile and 2006 had you on the floor laughing, wait till you see what we've found for 2007. Here's this year's dose of stocking stuffer humor...

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When Did We Start Ignoring Christmas Card Etiquette?

Christmas Card Etiquette: Rules to Live By

I've said it once and I'll say it again -- we live in a society where etiquette is becoming quickly forgotten, and that includes Christmas card etiquette. When did it become acceptable to have digital signatures on our cards? When exactly did printed Avery address labels become rule of thumb? If you want to send your holiday greeting cards with style, don't forget these Christmas card etiquette tips.

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