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Not All Christmas Cocoa Is Created Equal

The Best Christmas Cocoa in the World

Okay, you might say I'm obsessed (and I probably am) but I have to stand firm in my convictions that the holiday season isn't right without the perfect cup of Christmas cocoa. If you're the type who throws a cup of water in the microwave and dumps a pack of store-brand powder into it and thinks you've got hot cocoa, I would stand in your kitchen shocked and appalled. That is not cocoa. Not even close. This, my friends, is how you get a good cup of Christmas cocoa.

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Whatever happened to the Spirit of Christmas?

Let's Get Back the Spirit of Christmas

The other day I was doing some holiday shopping and after coming across more than a couple of “nasty” people I found myself wondering what ever happened to the spirit of Christmas? After all, it's supposed to be a time of good cheer, kindness, happiness and fun. Why then, the minute I hit the mall, do I run into dozens of people who don't seem to remember the definition of kindness or patience? If you want to avoid becoming one of the “Holiday Nasties” this year, keep these things in mind...

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Let The Online Holiday Shopping Season Begin!

Online Holiday Shopping Deals Abound

The brick-and-mortar stores have their Black Friday deals but it appears that online stores are getting in on the action with online holiday shopping deals. We've heard about deals that are too good to pass up so here are some you might want to keep an eye on...

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What's Up with the Nintendo Wii?

Is It Another Crazy Christmas For Nintendo Wii?

Last holiday season people stood in line for hours (and sometimes overnight) to get their hands on a Nintendo Wii in time for Christmas. The supply was ridiculously low and demand was ridiculously high. Unfortunately, there's still a supply issue with these most-wanted game systems. Will it be resolved in time for Christmas? Here's what I found out.

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Are You Ready for Black Friday?

The Black Friday of The Holiday Shopping Season

So, are you going to be brave this Black Friday and hit the stores or are you going to hide under the covers pretending it's not really happening? One thing's for sure -- you're either a Black Friday fan who waits till the doors open (at an ungodly hour) to begin their Christmas shopping or your a Black Friday hater who will avoid the stores at all costs possible on this crazy shopping day.

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Are We Really Trying to Profit Off the Hot Christmas Toys Already?

Let's Back Off the Hot Christmas Toys For Just One Year

It never fails... Each and every year the lemmings stand in line for hours (crazy hours) in the freezing cold trying to get their hands on the hot Christmas toys of the year. Some have noble intentions -- wanting to make sure their child has this year's hot Christmas toy under the tree. Others, however, just see dollar signs and try to profit off of a parent's desire to provide for their child. People -- can we please take one year off from this madness?

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