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Christmas Ornament Storage Tips

How to Properly Store Every Christmas Ornament You Own

Today is Christmas and we'll be leaving you till next year. Once again, it's been a wonderful ride. We survived the Wii and managed to avoid getting trampled in the PS3 crowds. As a parting tip, I'll let you in on some great advice on storing each and every Christmas ornament you need to put away over the next week or so.

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Christmas Carols in Our Modern Day

Do You Know How Old the Tradition of Christmas Carols Is?

It's Christmas Eve. Have you sung Christmas carols this year? Christmas carols are still an important part of the holiday season even though they are declining in popularity somewhat. Christmas carols are definitely an interesting part of the Christmas season and they seem to create a continuum between the past and the present. Anytime you hear your favorite Christmas carols you are instantly transported back to your childhood and all the fond memories associated with your childhood Christmases. Here's some more information about our beloved traditional Christmas carols.

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The Christmas Countdown Has Begun, So, Don’t Forget the Christmas Music!

Christmas Music Makes a Great Gift Too!

Christmas music certainly provides a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday season. The Christmas season just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas music. Try to incorporate Christmas music into your life every day from now until Christmas.

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Different Ways We Can Experience Christmas Fun

What is Christmas Fun?

Based on the current way we celebrate the season, Christmas is a wonderful time of year, so the concept of Christmas fun is not that unusual. However, many people wonder if a serious and major religious holiday should be associated with fun. Despite those concerns, many people still have a lot of Christmas fun -- and rightfully so.

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Christmas Party Games Make the Holidays Fun

If You’re Planning a Holiday Party, Try the Following Christmas Party Games

If you are having a party this holiday season, you might be interested in the following Christmas party games. A holiday party can be a great way to celebrate the season, but Christmas party games can make the party complete.

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Christmas Lighting is a Big Part of Holiday Traditions

Can You Imagine Christmas without the Christmas Lighting?

An integral part of Christmas decorating is Christmas lighting. Certainly, the Christmas tree is a very fun part of holiday decorating. Going out to look for a Christmas tree, bringing it home, and then decorating it is an annual tradition your family probably eagerly anticipates once Halloween is over. However, Christmas lighting comes in a close second.

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Guess Who Has Unique Christmas Gift Ideas!

Tips for Selecting a Unique Christmas Gift

If you’re interested in giving a unique Christmas gift this holiday season, you have to keep a few things in mind before you get carried away. You don’t want to get so focused on getting someone a unique Christmas gift that you forget about whether or not it is something that they will actually want.

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What is a Christmas Wreath Storage Container?

Find Out How to Store Your Christmas Wreaths

While you probably already have your Christmas wreath displayed, you might not know what to do with it once the season is over. If your Christmas wreath gets mangled every year when you store your Christmas wreath, it is time that you purchase a Christmas wreath storage container.

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Operation Christmas Child Helps Millions of Children Worldwide

What is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child is a Project of Samaritan’s Purse. The purpose of Operation Christmas Child is to provide Christmas to less fortunate children worldwide and to spread the message of God’s love to them.

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The Timeless Appeal of the Angel Ornament

Do You Have an Angel Ornament on Your Tree This Year?

Do you have an angel ornament on your Christmas tree this year? The reason I ask is that because an angel ornament is perhaps one of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments ever. Many people place an angel ornament here and there strategically among the brightly colored Christmas balls and garland, and some people top their tree with a large angel ornament.

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Don’t Forget the Christmas Shoes This December

What are Christmas Shoes?

If you hear someone say the words Christmas shoes, you might be wondering just what in fact the person is referring to. Most often when someone says “Christmas shoes” they are referring to the shoes that they plan to wear to Christmas mass. However, for some, Christmas shoes are never worn in church. If you read this, you'll soon understand why.

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Some Great Ways to Have a White Christmas

If You've Been Dreaming of a White Christmas, Try the Following Ideas

If you love having a white Christmas, you might want to try the following tips. A white Christmas is certainly picturesque, but depending on where you live, it is not always possible. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beauty a white Christmas offers. If you want a white Christmas this year, follow these white Christmas tips.

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Give a Christmas Cactus This Holiday Season

The Christmas Cactus can be a Great Gift for Both Veteran and Novice Gardeners

Want to give something unique this year? A Christmas cactus can be a great housewarming gift or the perfect Christmas gift for the gardener in your life. Consider buying a Christmas cactus this December for that person on your list who loves gardening and planting. A Christmas cactus is an incredibly popular choice of Christmas plants, with the exception, of course, of poinsettias.

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Glass Christmas Ornaments Have a Long History

This Year Give Glass Christmas Ornaments as Gifts

Glass Christmas ornaments have a long history and were introduced in the U.S. during the 1800s. Woolworth stores sold glass Christmas ornaments manufactured in Germany. Even in the late 1800s, millions worth of glass Christmas ornaments were sold. Today, glass Christmas ornaments are still popular for their beauty and variety.

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The Importance of Christmas Traditions

Learn More about Christmas Traditions This Holiday Season

Having Christmas traditions that you look forward to each year is a great idea. There are many Christmas traditions that were started centuries ago but still continue to exist today in one form or another. Incorporating centuries-old Christmas traditions into your celebration of the Christmas season can help you enjoy the season. It is also good, though, to start new Christmas traditions of your own.

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How to Buy Gifts for Coworkers

Tips to Eliminate Confusion When You Buy Gifts for Coworkers

Finding gifts for coworkers can be quite a challenge - especially if you work with a lot of people and have a limited budget. Do you buy for everyone? Do you only buy for your boss or secretary? Do you just forego the gifts ands opt to give everyone cards? Finding the perfect gifts for coworkers doesn't have to be a headache. Here are some tips to make things quite a bit easier.

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Make Some Christmas Crafts This Weekend

Christmas Crafts are Fun and Make Great Gifts Too

Making Christmas crafts is a great way to get in the spirit of the season. We are a very consumer-oriented society and spend a lot of money during the holiday season. Making something from scratch can provide a nice break from the usual spending spree that occurs every December. Christmas crafts provide a great way to enjoy the holiday season. If you aren’t particularly creative, you might be overwhelmed with where to begin. Making Christmas crafts is not as difficult as it sounds, so relax and keep reading.

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