Are You Stumped by What Christmas Gifts to Give or How to Truly Enjoy the Christmas Season?

Find helpful, entertaining and impassioned advice on everything Christmas: Christmas gift ideas, stocking stuffers, Christmas trees and lights -- and even some Christmas humor.

If you're stumped by what Christmas gifts your hard-to-shop for family and friends would love to receive... or you're looking for great holiday decorating themes... or you'd like to find some info on Christmas traditions, you've come the right place.

Hi! I'm Noel Jameson and I truly love the Christmas season. Shopping is my favorite thing and when it comes to shopping tips, I have a ton of them, which I enjoy sharing with you. I also love to bake Christmas goodies and give them out to my family and friends. Stick around and I'll share some of my secret recipes with you!

Why don't you have a look around right now? My friends and I have been sharing ideas for several Christmas seasons, and I think you'll find some suggestions you'll be able to use right now. Or click here to find out more about this blog and the other people you'll meet here.

The Annual Annoyance of Mistletoe

So far, I have no beef with stuff like eggnog and turkey and Christmas presents -- in fact, I love them when they're for me -- but this whole mistletoe thing has just got to stop. Seriously. I mean, who came up with the idea of kissing someone just because you happened to end up under a bit of toxic greenery together?

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The Painful Office Christmas Party

If you've ever worked in a white collar job, then you know that the erstwhile office Christmas party, while something endured every year, rarely if ever achieves its theoretical objective. In fact, if the OCP (as I will henceforth call it) were a service or product, the company would soon go out of business.

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Those Outrageous Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations... oh, the humanity!

Back in the '90's, there was a cynical episode of "Home Improvement" in which Tim Taylor's Christmas lights were so bright, they pierced a blizzard well enough to help circling airplanes land at the nearby airport.

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Whose Idea Was This "Celebrating Christmas in December" Thing?

One of these days I may have to move to Australia, because they go about celebrating Christmas -- only the world's most important holiday -- in the early summer. Well, summer Down Under anyway. Most of the Yule-celebrating world has their Christmas celebrations during cold weather.

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Have Yourself a Merry Christmas -- Or Whatever

If you have the time to make a fuss about someone saying "Season's Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas," then you're just looking for reasons to be mad.

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That Darned Secret Santa Thing!

Why am I expected to have a Secret Santa partner every year? If I want to give someone something, then I'll give it to 'em!

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The X-Mas Files

Back when I was in high school, I read a screed about how the term "X-mas" had cheapened Christmas, reducing the significance of what is, after all, the holiday representing the birthdate of the Messiah (even if it probably didn't really occur in December... but that's another rant).

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Meet Henry and Faith

Although I'd love to be able to claim Christmas Rants as my own, I do have to give credit where credit is due. Henry and Faith are an integral part of the Christmas Rants team.

Henry is one heck of a friend. If you need to know where to get those hard-to-find gifts, he's your go-to-guy. He can tell you who wants what and where to shop for whatever you need.

Faith's great too. She's a bit against the commercialism of Christmas (so don't be surprised if you find her and Henry having a bit of a tiff every so often), but she sure does know how to make the season bright. She's really into crafts and doing things for others, and I'm sure she'll be sharing some of her ideas and thoughts with you as well.

Whether you're looking for great holiday decorating themes or a gift for that hard-to-shop-for brother-in-law, you've come to the right place. Click here to find out more about this blog and the other people you'll be meeting here.



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